Dealer Registration

Would you like to support Eastern Iowa’s Premier Gaming Convention? Have a product that you’d like an audience of hundreds of people that you know are already interested in your specialty geek-related products? Well look no further! You too can have a table at Gamicon Cobalt.

Dealer rates are an affordable $30/table, and anyone manning the booth can acquire an NPC convention badge for $10.

You can also place information about your business, game company, or a marriage proposal in the Gamicon Cobalt program guide.

All details are available in these following forms:
Gamicon Cobalt Game Fair
Gamicon Cobalt Rate Sheet
Gamicon Cobalt Ad Contract
Gamicon Cobalt Dealer Contract

You can use the following link to register tables for Gamicon. Note that you still need to fill out the above forms to fully register as a dealer at Gamicon.
Gamicon Cobalt Dealer Registration