Exiles: Ticking Around Scenario 3: Deep Ticking

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Judge Name:
Jason Martin-Hiser

Event Type:
Miniature Games

Event Description:
You got yerself a bellyful o' Craig Johnson, but his ain't the only tick in town. You're gonna have to go down under to give this sucker a happy ending. Get ready for some real deep ticking! Ticking Around is a three-scenario campaign in the fantasy Wild West Exiles world from Mindworm Games. All parts are all being run at this con - you can play the same character through the whole campaign or jump right into the middle! Part 3 of 3.

Start Time:
Saturday 1 pm

Length of Event:
3 hours

Number of Players Currently Registered:
0 out of 8

Knowledge Level:

Age Restriction:

Event Location:
Iowa City Table 2