King of New York Tournament

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Judge Name:
Jon Maakestad

Event Type:
Board Games

Event Description:
King of New York is a standalone game from designer Richard Garfield that keeps the core ideas of King of Tokyo while introducing new ways to play. As in KoT, your goal is to be the first monster to collect 20 victory points (VPs) or to be the last monster standing. On your turn, you roll six dice up to three times, then carry out the actions on those dice. Claws cause damage to other monsters, hearts heal damage to yourself, and energy is stored up so that you can purchase power cards that provide unique effects not available to anyone else. The winner of the tournament will have a seat at the National King of New York tournament at Origins 2017

Start Time:
Saturday 8 am

Length of Event:
4 hours

Number of Players Currently Registered:
0 out of 25

Knowledge Level:

Age Restriction:

Event Location:
Ballroom Table 20