The 2017 Iowa State Nevermore Championship

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Judge Name:
Steve Crow

Event Type:
Card Games

Event Description:
This game from Smirk & Dagger is a casual-style, card-drafting game in which you quickly build your hand each round, collecting cards you want and poisoning your opponent's hand by passing along cards you think they can't use. Whoever holds the most of a given suit, gains the power of that suit to attack, heal, acquire Light or Shadow magicks and score victory points. Will you transform all your rivals into ravens - or can they regain their human form in time to score enough victory to win? This tournament will feature three preliminary rounds before any elimination. The winner of this tournament gets a trophy, a free membership to Tri-Con Spring and a seat in the quarter final round of the Regional Championship held there.

Start Time:
Saturday 1 pm

Length of Event:
4 hours

Number of Players Currently Registered:
1 out of 16

Knowledge Level:

Age Restriction:

Event Location:
Waterloo Table 1