About the Auction

The Gamicon Auction takes place on Saturday of Gamicon. Items for the auction may be dropped off beginning at around 8am, and the auction itself starts at 1pm. 10% of all sales from the auction go to Gamicon for the upkeep of the convention. All auction participants must have a full convention badge (no npc/visitor). We do some organizing of the auction by the type of item. Information will be posted at the auction site as to when specific types of items may be scheduled, so drop by around 12:30 to check if you care about such things.

In addition to our popular live auction, we will have an auction store on Saturday with set pricing. Individuals wishing to add items to the store must have a Gamicon badge. We will accept items beginning Saturday morning and continuing throughout the day. Sellers will need to collect money and unsold items by the end of the day.

If staff is available, the store will remain open during the live auction. Items will go straight to the store if: You want it to go to the store OR it is NOT gaming related OR it comes to the auction with a minimum bid over $10.

To enter an item into our auction, each item will need an auction slip filled out.  Bids are in $1 increments (no 50 cent minimum bids). You may “bundle” items (example: 10 Dragon Magazines could be one “item” and use one form.) Badge numbers will not be assigned before the start of the convention. Auction slips will also be available from the auction staff on Saturday morning.