About the Auction

The Gamicon Auction takes place on the Saturday morning of the convention. Items are taken in usually beginning at 8 am, and the auction starts at 1 pm. 10% of proceeds from the auction go to Gamicon for upkeep of the convention. The auction location will be announced closer to the convention date.

Gamicon Auction Rules

  1. To buy or sell, you must have a convention membership. (Register with staff to participate.)
  2. Bids are in $1 increments (no 50¢ minimum bids). Any minimum bid above $10 will result in the item going to the auction store rather than the auction proper. AUCTION STORE IS NEW THIS YEAR, SEE BELOW.
  3. Items must be processed thru auction registration sometime between 8 am Saturday and start of auction. The seller is responsible for preparing auction slips for each item to be sold, under the direction of auction personnel.
  4. Once the auction is concluded the staff will begin processing sales, buyers first. Once all the buyers are thru, then the sellers will receive their money and their unsold merchandise. All buyers must pick up their purchases immediately after the auction, and directly thereafter all sellers their cash and unsold items.
  5. Purchased items must be paid for with cash or check (with proper ID).
  6. 7% Iowa sales tax will be added to the bid price of all items, and is the responsibility of the buyer.
  7. GAMICON takes a 10% cut of all sold items at the auction.
  8. GAMICON is not responsible for quality or completeness of merchandise, so caveat emptor.
  9. Any unretrieved merchandise becomes the property of GAMICON.