Kane Klenko

Kane Klenko is a game designer who specializes in light to medium weight family games, with a focus on unique real-time and dice mechanics. Some of his game designs include FUSE, Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Covert. His latest game, Flip Ships published by Renegade Games, is a cooperative dexterity game. He will by playing and demoing his games with any and all who wish to participate. Visit his Board Game Geek bio page for more information on his games.

Aaron J. Riley

Aaron J. Riley is a freelance illustrator most notable known for his work in the fantasy & scienct fiction genre of table top rpgs and book covers. His client list includes Wizards of the Coast, Lucas Film, Fantasy Flight Games, Paizo, Catan Studios, and many more. His work has been included in the artist annuals for Spectrum, Expose, and Prime. Visit his personal page for more information.